Work History

Assistant Curator of the Waite Collection (July 2014)

When artist Paul Waite died, he left behind a house filled with art work. I was hired to tag, photograph, and catalogue 428 works of art to create a comprehensive photo database of the collection.

Skills developed: time management, organization, Flickr, streamlining systems, photography


Event Planning and Communications Intern (January 2014-May 2014)

For the final semester of my degree I interned with Arts Wisconsin. I worked on three main projects during my time with Arts Wisconsin. The first was to maintain The Year of Rural Arts In Wisconsin Facebook page and write weekly short features for the page. The second was to help coordinate the annual Arts Day conference. The third was to coordinate advocacy meetings with legislators for National Arts Advocacy day.

Skills developed: event coordination, Facebook, arts advocacy, feature writing, interview skills, time management, self direction, working on simultaneous projects, arts advocacy.


Customer Service Agent at MyAssist (May 2013- November 2013)

At MyAssist I was responsible for providing concierge services and building rapport with customers via telephone.

Skills developed: telephone based customer service, research under pressure, handling customer complaints, calming down frustrated customers, performing multiple activities while typing, building rapport quickly.


Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum Board Member (January 2012 – January 2014)

After Interning with the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum I was invited to join the Board of Directors. On the Board my duties included proposing strategies to build mutually beneficial relationships between CWCM and UW – Stevens Point, evaluating the effectiveness of  fundraisers to increase revenue, and nominating candidates to increase the diversity of board representation.

Skills Developed: organization, long term planning, collaboration, decision making.


Christian/LGBTQ Reconciliation Team Coordinator (July 2013 – December 2013)

I worked with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to create and facilitate a task force developed to build relationships between organizations with varying agendas. The Reconciliation Team collaborated on developing education materials to facilitate communication between organizations with differences in culture and vocabulary.

Skills Developed: team building, organization, curriculum development, cultural translation, mission and vision development.


Event Planning Intern (January 2013 – May 2013)

I interned with the Arts Alliance of Portage County spring of 2013 to help run their annual community arts event called ArtsWalk. My duties included composing and distributing query letters recruiting local business to host art exhibits and musical performers, and writing and distributing a press kit to promote community participation in Arts Walk and the Mass Guitar Incident, a flash mob style audience participation music performance.

We also participated in Arts Day by discussing the importance of arts education with four state legislators in Madison.

Skills Developed: Public relations writing, advocacy skills, organization, sponsor relations, artist relations, event staging.


Group Leader for Madison Community School and Recreation (June-July 2009-2011)

I worked with MSCR for three summers as a group leader at one of their summer day camps. As a group leader, I created lesson plans to meet age specific academic standards, built relationships with 20-25 elementary age students, and lead students in recreational activities. Other duties included interpreting conversations for Spanish speaking parents in person and over the telephone and mediating cross cultural conflict between students with varying language based cultural backgrounds.

Skills Developed: communication, curriculum development, Spanish translation, conflict mediation,  building rapport, leadership.



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